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Kamalnagar is a border town between Karnataka and Maharashtra this region was a earlier part of Nizam kingdom of Hyderabad which saw little or no development. Once this was amalgamated into Karnataka State during reorganization, after police action the local leaders took up the task of improvement/development of this area . The main force behind this was His Holiness Dr. Channabasav Pattadevaru, the founder of Shanti Vardhak Education Society and his disciple Sri Bheemanna Khandre, the former Minister Govt. of Karnataka The untiring efforts of these to saw shri Siddrameshwar Degree College of Arts established in 1984-85 at Kamalnagar, a rural and educationally backward region with the aim to provide quality higher education to youth of the region. It is situated at a distance of just one km from Maharashtra border with good road and rail connection. The college is housed in a spacious three storey building in the heart of the town and has a large campus with play grounds. The college has a well stocked library with books pertaining to all subjects, e-books and journals. The college has a N.S.S. wing through which the students are motivated to render social work and community service and sports facilities with its own play fields for overall development of students.

The college has maintained a very good track record of results. Other amenities available are services of State Bank of Hyderabad, D.C.C. Bank, Sub Post Office, Primary Health Centre, internet facility, Xerox center, well connected Bus and rail facility. The college is affiliated to Gulbarga University and recognized by university grant commission. The college offers three year degree course in Arts And Commerse


Kamalnagar, formerly known as “Murag” and renamed after its administrator called Kamal-Pasha, is the native place of His Holiness late Shri. Ma.Gha.Cha Dr.Channabasava Pattaddevaru of Hiremath Samsthan Bhalki, which has got a branch at Kamalnagar also. Poojya Pattaddevaru was the follower of Lord Basaveshwar who gave the call of “Work is Worship”. Poojya Pattaddevaru, locally popular as “Appaji” is remembered by the people of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh for his contribution to religious, social and educational reformations.

Poojya Appaji was determined to root out the sufferings of the people of this area caused by their poverty and lack of education. In order to materialize his ideology, the Swamiji started a Kannada Primary School at Moragi Village in 1936. Due to administrative difficulties, the School was shifted to different places like Khed Sangam, Sholapur, etc. Those were the days of the regime of the Nizam of Hyderabad in which Kannada was marginalized. To safeguard the interest of the Kannadigas, Poojya Pattaddevaru was running his Kannada medium School with a Urdu Name-Plate Outside.

After the liberation of Hyderabad Karnataka and reorganization of states on linguistic basis, Poojya Pattaddevaru established Shanti Vardhak High-School at Kamalnagar. It was an unaided School and the salary of the staff was paid out of “Fist-Fund” of the Swamiji. Poojya Appaji was supported by Shri.R.V.Bidap, Shri Bheemanna Khandre and the then prominent leaders.


Shanti Vardhak Education Society was officially registered in 1963 under the Presidentship of Lokanayak Shri. Bheemanna Khandre. On the request of shri. Bheemanna Khandre and the other Members of the Management, His Holiness Shri. Channabasava Pattaddevaru consented to become the “Sanchalaka” of the Society. The Society started Channabasaveshwar College of Arts, Science and Commerce at Bhalki in 1968, and Akkamahadevi College for Women at Bidar in 1971. Shri Siddarameshwar Degree College of Arts was started in 1984-85 to provide higher education to the rural, backward and border area people of Kamalnagar, Shree .Siddrameshwar Degree College, Kamalnagar is at a distance of just 1 Km from Maharashtra border and about 30 Km from that of Andhra Pradesh. Kamalnagar is surrounded by a number of small villages and is accessible by road and rail. A vast majority of the population of the region is below poverty line. They have neither irrigational nor industrial amenities. As a result, the youth coming from economically backward families could not pursue their higher studies. Therefore Poojya Pattaddevaru and the Management opened Shree Siddrameshwar Degree College at Kamalnagar to impart higher education particularly to weaker sections of the society.


In the beginning, Shri Siddrameshwar Degree College was housed in Shanti Vardhak Composite Junior College which is a sister institute. By the efforts of the youth-leader and the present president Shri Ishwar Khandre, the college was shifted to its own independent new building in 1995, on a campus area of 4 acres. The Management has provided all necessary infrastructures such as class-rooms, library, ladies room, staff-room, toilet, play-ground etc.

The student-welfare-wing of the college looks into the problems of the students. The N.S.S unit introduces the students to extra-curricular activities. The S.W.O and N.S.S unit are looked after by their officers. Because of the small size of the students and the staff, it has been possible to establish a proper interaction between them. The teachers are involved in intensive teaching and are asked to devise remedial measures to solve the problems of the students.

Vision :

To train the youth to be disciplined, responsible, Self-reliant and enlightened citizens of the nation by providing quality formal and non-formal higher Education.

Mission :

  • To provide quality education to youth at their door step.
  • To train youth through quality higher education to join the main stream
  • To impart knowledge to face the globalization.
  • To educate youth in respect of linguistic, historical, political and cultural Heritage of the area.


01 Shri. Eshwar B. Khandre, B.E. President
02 Shri. Keshavrao Nitturkar, Advocate Vice-President
03 Shri. Basawanappa Hosale, Advocate Secretary
04 Shri. Sharnappa Balatkar Joint-Secretary
05 Shri. Devaraya Nadepalli Treasurer
06 Shri. Bheemanna Khandre, Advocate
(Former-Minister for Transport, Govt. of Karnataka)
07 Shri. Nagshetteppa Shivankar Member
08 Shri. Shivaraj Gumme Member
09 Shri. Veershetty Gangshetty Member
10 Shri. Amarkumar Khandre Member


01 Shri. Amarkumar B. Khandre Chairman
02 Shri. Sharnappa Balatkar Deputy Chairman
03 Shri. Nagshetteppa Shivankar Member
04 Shri. Baburao Patil Horandi Parents Representative
05 Dr. Somnath S. Nucha Secretary (Ex-Officio)


01 Shnati Vardhak High School, Kamalngar, Dist.Bidar 1963
02 Channabasaveshwar Degree College, Bhalki, Dist.Bidar 1968
03 Akka Mahadevi Girls` High School, Bhalki, Dist.Bidar 1969
04 Akka Mahadevi Mahila Mahavidyala, Bidar 1971
05 Shanti Vardhak Pre-University College, Kamalnagar, Dist.Bidar 1973
06 Akka Mahadevi Girls Pre University College, Bhalki, Dist.Bidar 1980
07 Rural Engineering College, Bhalki, Dist.Bidar 1982
08 Shree. Siddrameshwar Degree College, Kamalnagar, Dist.Bidar 1984
09 Industrial Training Institute, Bhalki, Dist.Bidar 1984
10 Akka Mahadevi Girls` High School, Bidar 1985
11 Haralayya Polytechnic, Bhalki, Dist.Bidar 1987
12 Channabasaveshwar Primary School, Kamalnagar, Dist.Bidar 1995
13 Industrial Training Institute, Kamalnagar, Dist.Bidar 1998
14 SVES’S D.Ed College (Kannada) Bhalki, Dist. Bidar 2004
15 SVES’S D.Ed College (Marathi) Bhalki, Dist. Bidar 2004
16 SVES’S D.Ed College (Marathi) Bhalki, Dist. Bidar 2004
17 SVES’S B.Ed College (Kannada) Bidar, Dist. Bidar 2004
18 SVES’S D.Ed College (Kannada) Bidar 2004
19 SVES’S D.Ed College (Marathi) Kamalnagar, Tq. Aurad (B), Dist.Bidar 2004
20 SVES’S D.Ed College (Marathi) Aurad (B), Dist.Bidar 2004